Get safe, customized eyelash extensions applied by a trained professional. We only use the safest products around your eyes to provide the best results. Our eyelash extensions use premium synthetic materials curled to imitate real lashes. You can bat those eyelashes all day long with the confidence that your looks are exactly as you intended. Upgrade from our Classic to Volume Lashes for a dramatic look that makes a statement.


THE CLASSIC set gives "I woke up like this" ease to your mornings. This single lash to lash application utilizes multiple length, thickness and curls to enhance and define your unique eye shape. Think of the CLASSIC set as the best volumizing & lengthening mascara and lash curler minus the fuss and the mess! Just wake up Pretty!


Wondering if Classic of Volume lashes are the right ones for you? Why not get them both? Take your lashes to the next level with THE HYBRID VOLUME set! This perfect blend of hand-crafted customized lash fans & single lashes creates a look that is MORE than "just mascara". It also gives your lashes depth and texture giving you the look of liner without any smudges or running. 


THE MEGA VOLUME set is luxury lash artistry to the max! Hand-crafted customized lash fans of lighter lashes are created individually for you during your visit. Because lashes are lighter than Clasic lashes, this service is ideal for those with weak, brittle, or damaged lashes as we can customize the weight and number of lashes that is healthiest for your natural lashes but are used to wewaring a lot of makeup or strip lashes. We can completely customize your volume show-stoppers from light fluff to VaVa-Voom!




Natural Lashes


Classic Natural

Lash Extensions

Hybrid Volume

Lash Extensions

Mega Volume

Lash Extensions



  • Avoid the use of mascara to help improve longevity and to maintain the beauty of your lashes.

  • Avoid getting new lashes wet for (4) hours.

  • Avoid the use of cleansers that contain glycols and carbonates as they may reduce the longevity of your lashes

  • Avoid pulling, picking or twisting lash extensions as this may lead to premature shedding.

  • Do not attempt to remove lash extensions on your own. Please contact us to schedule a professional removal to ensure it is safely done without damage to your natural lashes.

  • Do not cut lash extensions. You risk the possibility of cutting your own natural lashes or skin.

  • Treat your eyes gently - as if you have on makeup you don't want to smudge.

  • Try not to press eyelashes against pillow when sleeping.