Gels are brushed onto your nails in 3 steps: a base coat, polish color, and top coat. Each coat has to be cured with UV light. They feel more natural due to lower density and gives a glossy, freshly manicured look that lasts up to 14 days. It is more flexible than acrylic nails. Gel nail mixtures lack the fumes associated with acrylic nails.


Shellac is a brand of gel polish. It is a blend of gel and nail polish. Like a polish, it can't be used to extend your nail, and like a gel, it does add strength and durability. What people love most about shellac is that their nails do not chip or smudge for at least 14 days. 

The setting process produces a noticeable amount of heat which some clients find to be uncomfortable. the more gel that is applied, the hotter the sensation.


Nail enhancements are perfect for those who wish to optimize their natural nails by enhancing it with a variety of nail enhancement techniques. Great for an every day look or a special occasion, nail enhancements make the most of your nails.


Signature Nail System, or SNS, is a powder dipping system. It is applied by layering and setting powder, no UV lamp needed! There are multiple aesthetic benefits of getting Dip Powder. It looks natural, and is thinner compared to other options like Shellac and acrylic nails. It's more durable yet more flexible than traditional acrylics, and the powder provides more strength than many gels.


Dipping is definitely the least damaging to remove. Once you soak it in acetone, it slides off.



When a client is wanting to change the shape of their nail or extend the length, acrylic is the answer. Usually for an initial full set, tips are applied and then the acrylic, which is a polymer powder, and monomer liquid are used together by to overlay over the top. The application process involves chemicals and fumes. Your nails can be painted with either regular polish or gel polish. 

Solar is a high quality brand of acrylic product that performs much better. The primary difference between acrylic and solar is their application in gel form on the nail. Solar nails are directly applied to your nails. There is a downside that solar nails are only available in French tips, unlike natural nails or acrylic extensions.


Special Designs


Polish Change

Take Off/Removal


Paraffin Treatment

Cuticle Care

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